Problem: Green panel LED off with main switch activated.

Cause: 12 VDC power supply not working, fuse F4 blown.

Problem: One or more drivers are not working or have defects.

Cause: Connections for each individual driver inverted and / or missing, wrong dip-switch settings on each driver.

Problem: F1 fuse blown.

Cause: Too strong or bad external fans, bad extruder fan, reversed extruder fan wires or unwanted contacts on them.

Problem: F2 fuse blown.

Cause: Internal extruder resistance too cold or short-circuited, extruder fan (controlled by the software) short-circuited, thermistor on extruder not properly connected.

Problem: Fuse F3 blown.

Cause: One or more faulty and / or faulty external power supplies, too much current required by the external power supplies (in this case it is necessary to partialize the load at power up), VR1 varistor faulty and / or burned (visually noticeable).

Problem: F4 fuse blown.

Cause: Faulty and / or faulty internal power supplies, faulty filtering devices (observe components in the area close to L3 if they visually show imperfections).

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Problem: Limit switch instability.

Cause: Micro-switch connected incorrectly, polarity of micro-switch inputs not observed, DP2 with incorrect settings.

Problem: Excessive or continuous heating of the internal extruder resistor.

Cause: Faulty thermistor connections, wrong thermistor connection, the thermistor has a wire connected to ground and / or ground even if not foreseen by the wiring.

Problem: Instability in the stroke of the stepper motors.

Cause: Signal wiring reaching the drivers with too long and / or twisted wires.